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The Meaning of Volleyball

We took the time out to ask some of our athletes what Volleyball means to them and their expectations of this trip. Here are some of their replies:

1. Malique Webb

Volleyball wasn’t the 1st sport I fell in love with but it far exceeded the love I had for other sports. The mere fact that my brother introduced it to me and that it assisted in me being more interactive with others. Volleyball made me get out of my shy and timid ways. Volleyball became apart of me, played it everyday even at home with my brother.
This trip means a lot to me because ever since I started playing and seeing others representing the country I’ve always wanted an opportunity like that to represent Jamaica. Even though this is a different occasion I’m very nervous but excited to have this experience.

2. Talitha Thomas

Life has been challenging for me, from being bullied to failure in academics but since I started playing volleyball, I never seem to can live without it. Playing makes me confident and fearless. This trip will not only make my country proud but also my local teams, because I will work hard and it means a lot to me to further develop into a greater athlete.

3. Ariel Peart

I am not a sportsperson. I started playing netball when I started college as a means to an end. Then I was introduced to Volleyball. I went to one training session and I never looked back. The more I trained the more I fell in love with the sport. Volleyball has given me a lot of opportunities, it has shown me a part of myself that I never knew was there and I have grown immensely in the sport. On the court, that’s where I feel free. Simply put; I love Volleyball because of the person it is creating me to be, confident, dominant and free-willed.
As for this trip, I am super excited to learn about the culture of volleyball, interacting with others, adapting and growing to become a great player. I know China has a lot to offer and I am ready to take in all that I can. After all, Knowledge is Power.

4. Moesha Nelson

I’ve been playing volleyball since September. So far it has been a great experience. It’s not just about learning a new sport but to me its like home. Putting the coaching I’ve been receiving in my everyday life I’ve become a better person. Knowing that you have a team and a coach who believes in you more than you believe in yourself is one of the greatest feeling in the world.
What does this trip mean to me? Well this trip for me basically means that there is room for improvement. So therefore going to China means that I should go there and come back to Jamaica being a much better player.

5. Tionna Graham

The Volleyball court is a place were I can be myself, a place where people understands me, a place where I can have fun and also the place where I meet great people. The game is full of excitement,joy and unforgettable moments.
Traveling to China means a lot to me. In the 2 months that I will be spending I will be playing the sport that I utmost love and also to learn new things that I’ve never experienced. This trip is also a chance for me to improve my skills to professional level and the opportunity to achieve my goals.

6. Kristina Lumsden

Volleyball is a game of pure enjoyment and competition and it gives me the opportunity to showcase my skills and talents. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
Given the opportunity to travel to China for training means the development of talent/skills, knowledge and understanding of volleyball. With this it’ll be alot easier to enjoy the game whilst winning and taking a better approach to life itself.
As my coach always says ” The same way you play this game, is the same way you live your life.”

7. Sashauna Campbell

I love volleyball for a number of reasons; it is fun and entertaining, it helps me to be more focused. Volleyball is a game that helps me get through life itself. When I’m playing nothing else matters. Volleyball is my home away from home. It helps me to develop character and determination. By playing I possess a strong mind. My coach always tells me to never give up on a ball because that’s when you give up on life. This trip means that I am getting a chance to develop my skills and learn more about volleyball, so i can obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to play Volleyball on a higher level and competitively on a broader spectrum.

8. Keshan Livingston

I come from a family that you could say is volleyball oriented. So growing up always playing the sport it, eventually developed into a passion. Volleyball for me is a means to escape the burden of reality. This trip to China means a chance from change and greatness and I believe with this trip I will be able to unlock my maximum potential.

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