Jamaica Volleyball Association

China Project ’18

The China project has finally come to an end and our athletes are immensely better than before. During our time in China we have seen the team’s improvements as a whole and our ladies individually. There were rough patches throughout the trip in training but nothing our athletes couldn’t overcome. The drills were a bit new and different but as the saying goes “wi likkle but wi tallawah”, so the drills were spot on in no time.

Among all the training done, we were given opportunities of fun and enjoyment outside of the volleyball court. We visited different villages, went on many shopping sprees, even the movies. Many new friendships were made both within our group and with the Chinese especially at the hotel where we stayed. The food was a bit of a challenge for all of us, causing some of us to change our diets which in most cases was a good thing.

The coaches were very interactive and helpful with all the athletes roads to success. New positions were tested, strengths were found, weaknesses were diminished, team spirit was built, matches were lost and matches were won. Gym routines were set and executed, exams were given and passed. All in all we believe that in years to come new athletes will venture out and return home providing a greater contribution to clubs and even our national teams.


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